You know how some people want to buy a second property as an investment for passive income, but when they get into it they realize that they underestimated the business side of things? They find themselves, overwhelmed, under- booked and desperate for answers.

I help those investment property owners bridge the gap between an investment home and a functional vacation rental business. This allows them to grow their personal wealth, because I believe that everyone deserves the financial opportunity to live life on their own terms.


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vacation rental consultant for busy property owners seeking more profit

I'm Nichole

Over years of working with leading companies in vacation rental management, I saw many great rentals go unnoticed and undervalued due to lack of home owner education and the fast-paced, sacrificial nature of corporate America. Because of this, I set out to empower vacation rental investors to know more about the way a short term vacation rental should look, feel and operate on a luxurious, optimal level.

Rising income gaps influence millennials to believe that they are less likely to be property owners. With my experience working in real estate and property management, my dream is to equip this generation with the knowledge and tools they need to take advantage of these markets and invest in tangible assets such as real estate in a fresh and lucrative way.

I believe in...


I believe that true value is created from abundance mindset rather than acting out of worry and fear of failure.



I believe in living in true honesty with myself, my clients and take responsibility for ensuring my ideals and actions align with that.



You deserve to work with someone who has the courage to shape a better future for others.



I believe in delivering my services in a way so that my clients should know what to expect and what the outcome will be.


Personal Development

I believe that personal development is the root of your growth as a business.







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Travel & Recreation

my planner


Not only do I love the smell and taste, but coffee gets me up in the morning and boosts my productivity for a busy work day.

Home design and decor are hobbies close to my heart, because I love the feeling of connecting to my creative side to create a beautiful and functional space.

I love travel and recreation because it challenges me to connect with new people, connect with my inner self and brings me positive change when life starts to feel dull.

I wouldn’t be able to function without this one simple tool. My planner keeps me organized, on schedule and helps me to keep a positive work life balance as an entrepreneur.


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